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What is a Resume?
A Resume is the document that details your work history and provides information as to the relevant licences, skills and qualifications that you hold and also your references. It is a straight forward document which is factual and even clinical in nature, containing the basics of what you have done, where and when and for how long. It could almost be described as having a position description written for each position that you have held.
How Many Years Should a Resume Cover?
For most industries, 5 years is enough, it provides a detailed history that is both current and relevant. You can go further back if there is specific experience that is both relevant and useful, however there is an understanding that policies, procedures, guidelines, legislation, technologies, best practice etc all changes within a 5 year period, so it is not unreasonable to expect that anything before that maybe outdated or no longer relevant.
What is the difference between a Resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?
A Resume can have many different styles and the layout may be different depending on the individual resume. Resumes are designed for entry level (i.e. people entering the workforce for the first time or with less than 2 years work experience) up to people with many years experience in semi-skilled to skilled industries (i.e. retail, trades persons, hairdressers, sales etc).
A CV or Curriculum Vitae is designed for someone with a degree or higher qualification, directors or senior management.
What is a Covering Letter, and why is it important?
A covering letter is the first document that your prospective employer sees and details your work experience in relation to the industry and specific job that you are applying for. It details your skills and is able to elaborate on the relevant skills and knowledge in addition to those presented in the resume. Unlike a resume which is an overview of the jobs  you have held and your responsibilities within that position, a covering letter marries your skills and knowledge against the requirements of the position that you are applying for. Your resume doesn't change for each job that you apply for, but your covering letter does.
Why use a professional resume writer?
A professional resume writer is able to gather the relevant information and present it in a way which is suitable for employers. As with an interview, resumes have the same “30 second impression” to encourage the reader to do more than flick over the details and to throw it out.  
Additionally, many recruitment agencies use a computer based program so sift through the applications before they ever find a human eye, a professional resume writer will be able to ensure that important key words relating to the position that you are interested in are in your resume and covering letter, making sure that you don't get left out of the recruitment process before you even begin!
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