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Key Selection Criteria
What is a Key Selection Criteria
Key Selection Criteria are generally a requirement for Government positions and are found in the JDF (Job Description Form). They are a detailed way for applicants to match their experiences, skills and qualifications against a particular set of criteria required for a specific position.
There are two (2) main ways in which responses can be written to KSC and each job will identify which type of response is required as part of the application package information
   Each KSC can have between ½ -1 page response (this is a very detailed KSC which enables the applicant to provide detailed experiences and demonstrate skills at
   length). It is written in a report/essay style with headings and each KSC has a well crafted response including a beginning, middle and end.

   A total of 2-4 pages which is approximately ½ a page per criteria and is written within the style of the covering letter.
What We Do
We work with you in a collaborative style to gain the information required about your experiences, skills and qualifications to complete a comprehensive response to each selection criteria, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
We ensure that we spend the time to gather the information necessary to create a professional KSC which reflects who you are and the skills that you have.
How Much Time Do We Need
A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required, before the due date.

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